Die Sparkasse Bremen AG

With total assets of more than €15 billion and over 1,150 employees, the Sparkasse Bremen is the market leader for financial services in the Hanseatic city. Founded by citizens of Bremen as an independent savings bank in 1825, it is one of the largest savings banks in Germany. It is a strong partner for SMEs and supports entrepreneurial growth with industry expertise and local competence. The Sparkasse Bremen offers its private customers multi-award-winning advisory services on all aspects of savings and financing as well as on retirement and property issues. Exclusive private banking includes professional asset management as well as foundation and next generation services. Its network organisation allows the Sparkasse Bremen to react quickly and flexibly to the changing needs of its clientèle, the market and new technologies.

The Sparkasse Bremen has enjoyed a close connection to its customers over generations and is not out to maximise profits. Instead, it invests a considerable share of its earnings in the quality of life of the people of Bremen – from childcare services and sports clubs to the city’s major cultural highlights. In this way, every customer of the Sparkasse Bremen simultaneously improves the quality of life in their district and in Bremen as a whole. Special attention is paid to the support and encouragement of children and young people.

Strong. Fair. Hanseatic.

Management Board, from left:

Klaus Windheuser, Frauke Hegemann, Pranjal Kothari, Dr. Tim Nesemann (Chair)

Die Sparkasse Bremen AG
Universitätsallee 14
28359 Bremen, Germany


Dr. Tim Nesemann
Phone: +49 421 179-0