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At the beginning of March 1823, Johann Georg Röhling, a citizen and merchant of Rendsburg, pledged a donation of 500 Reichsthaler Courant to the Rendsburg Poor Commission for the setting up of a savings and loans bank. In those days – social security was still lacking and both poverty and hunger were widespread – this was not only a very formidable sum, but, above all, an extremely far-sighted decision. At the time, surely no one could have imagined that two hundred years later the institution would have evolved into the most successful universal credit institution in Mittelholstein and Norderdithmarschen with around 90,000 customers.

Over the decades, the “savings and loans bank” became the Sparkasse Mittelholstein, an institution of great economic importance in the region. Right from the start, we began assuming responsibility in our region, focusing initially on social aspects and the necessary view to economic performance. Nowadays, ecological sustainability is also firmly anchored in our business strategy. The protection of natural resources, social responsibility and economic performance must go hand in hand for developments to be sustainable in the long term.

Looking back on 200 years of savings bank history in Rendsburg this year, we realise that, in view of how world history has developed since 1823, it has always been the people who made this success story possible: dedicated and motivated employees showing commitment and great effort, committees backing and taking important decisions and customers who have placed their trust in the savings bank all these years.

The Stiftung Spar- und Leihkasse (Savings and Loans Bank Foundation) is also still around today and is an integral part of the circle of charitable organisations in the region. As a shareholder of the Sparkasse Mittelholstein, it continues to pursue its original founding mission of providing savings bank services to those in the Rendsburg area. The foundation also serves the common good of the people of Rendsburg and the surrounding area by promoting and supporting the arts and culture, welfare services with young people and the elderly, public health care, education of the general public and vocational training, the protection and preservation of historical monuments, sports and nature conservation efforts.

In light of this multifaceted dedication, the motto in this anniversary year 2023 is “200 Jahre Sparkasse Mittelholstein – Ein Gewinn für alle!” (200 years of Sparkasse Mittelholstein – Benefiting everyone!) and will accompany us, our customers, our shareholders and our business partners through the year with a wide range of campaigns and events. The savings bank has been an important regional partner for people, companies and institutions in all matters regarding finance and beyond ever since its foundation – and will remain so in the future!

Management Board, from left:

Dr. Sören Abendroth (Chair), Bernd Jäger

Sparkasse Mittelholstein AG
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