AEK Bank sets great store by personal customer relationships and offers personal solutions for individual requirements. It is one of the best capitalised and, with a balance sheet total of CHF 5.38 billion, one of the largest independent regional banks in Switzerland.   The range of services and image of AEK Bank are shaped by 149 employees and 9 apprentices. Around 70,820 private customers, SMEs, freelancers, foundations and public corporations find all the financial services of a regional universal bank at AEK Bank. AEK Bank is one of the few banks with a charitable focus. Its social commitment is established in its statutes. As a patron of social, cultural, nature and sports issues, it supports more than 600 associations, projects and events in its business area every year.   AEK Bank was founded in 1826 with the goal of creating an institution for secure saving and simple financing for the urban and rural population of Thun. In 1889, it returned its surplus capital to the shareholders and became a cooperative without outside capital participation. Since then, AEK Bank has owned itself.